Biology Essay: Writing Plan and Topics

Substitution of concepts is a common mistake among students. University students give essays for essays, and after that they cannot understand why they got a low score.

The main difference between these types of work is in the objectives and object of study (evaluation). The abstract allows you to determine whether the student is able to independently search for information, its selection and presentation in a compressed form. Reasoning on the topic is not relevant here, but desirable and necessary in the essay.

How to write a biology essay: tips

Brevity is the soul of wit. Do not seek to present in the work all opinions on the question. You face a different challenge. It is necessary to identify the problem, to identify their point of view and justify it. Moreover, close attention is paid to the third item. If a student is not able to explain how he came to a conclusion or a different conclusion, why he considers that the proposed option is the most reasonable and successful, a low mark cannot be avoided.

In your reasoning, rely on facts. Try to make it so that the reader can easily track the logical chain. Do not jump from thought to thought, trying to grasp the immensity and list all the arguments. The theoretical side of the question is not so significant, it is not an abstract. It is important to be able to appeal with facts, not to engage in the substitution of concepts and present in expanded form how the information affected you, what conclusions you came to.

To make it easier, choose for yourself one of 2 directions:

  • narrative essay;
  • reasoned essay.

The first option implies an expression of personal opinion about a particular event. With a reasoned essay, a greater bias goes towards substantiating the position.

When choosing, you should rely on the type of question raised, its features.

What topics biology essay can be considered

Actual problems that worry modern society are coming up. For example, human cloning. How do you feel about signing a ban on cloning? Why did the world community go for it? What could lead a successful experiment?

If the topic seems too complicated and burning, and there really is a lot of information on it, take a less relevant problem. For example, “The role of the mutation process in human evolution.” In such work, it will be necessary to consider one of the most elementary evolutionary factors¬† mutation¬† on the example of ancient people.

Sample Biology Essay Plan

Possible variant:
  • introduction;
  • problem;
  • author’s position;
  • position argumentation;
  • conclusion or question (example: so why is a cloned person not entitled to life?)

Specify that it is not necessary to make a plan of essay on biology. The student has the right to write a work without a story line. If the understanding of the essence of the task is difficult, we recommend that you contact the essay writing service for help.