Florida has many issues to resolve! Here are the priorities...


One of the Commissioner’s important responsibilities is the oversight of concealed gun permits. Florida leads the nation with more than one million seven hundred thousand active permits. I will institute policies to ensure guns don’t get in the wrong hands… because we didn’t do our due diligence. My priority is to protect our children while respecting the rights of our citizens.


Consumers are getting their credit card information stolen at gas pumps by high tech skimming machines more than ever before. This must stop! I will institute policies and provide resources to gas stations owners to ensure that Floridians feel safe from these criminals when they go to pump their gas. The price of gas is already too high!


Agriculture is one of Florida’s largest industries and is an economic engine which brings our State billions of dollars. Climate Change has affected both the family farmer and large growers alike. We must protect this vital segment of Florida’s economy by instituting common sense solutions to combat the effects of climate change to ensure our agriculture industry continues to be among the nation’s leaders.


NAFTA has helped Florida as we export almost $12 billion in goods and produce to Canada and Mexico each year. This is a double-digit increase since the agreement was signed in 1992. These exports are important to both the family farm and large agricultural businesses alike.


As Florida’s next agriculture commissioner, I will fight any attempts to allow off-shore drilling along Florida coastline. Two of our state’s biggest industries are tourism and agriculture, we can’t risk our state’s economy by drilling for fossil fuels in our ocean and the Gulf. We should be working on clean energy solutions such as solar and wind power.


Under my leadership our city is booming! Homestead has been praised as one of the most family friendly cities to live in. Property values have gone up and the crime rate has gone down. As Mayor we have never raised taxes. With your help I will bring my experience to Tallahassee and fight hard for all Floridian’s as I have as Mayor.